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The Benefits of Atlassian Cloud Migration

Atlassian Cloud Migration

Atlassian aims to deliver a positive Server to Cloud migration experience. To test it, Atlassian migrated the whole company’s Confluence and Jira instances to the Atlassian Cloud. After experiencing the migration process firsthand, Atlassian has learned how to make customers’ migration experiences smoother and more intuitive.

Why migrate from server to cloud?

Atlassian has more than 3,500 employees, over 1 million Jira issues, and 6,000 Confluence spaces. In the Cloud, Atlassian could: 

  • Never upgrade again – always have access to the latest features
  • Experience newly released cloud features just as customers would
  • Use Atlassian Cloud mobile apps as a company
  • Test the migration process to improve customer experience

The migration wins and insights

  • Feedback was received at a faster rate
  • Issues were found before they could affect customers
  • While optimizing, performance did not suffer
  • Internal mobile adoption increased significantly
  • No need for VPN to access Jira and Confluence remotely

The future for cloud migration

Atlassian’s vision for migration is a seamless process that is customizable to customers: the ability to select what is migrated, create and configure cloud accounts, and run migration plans.

Atlassian aims to make the cloud migration journey:

  • Intuitive: ensure that migrating to the Atlassian Cloud is easier than upgrading the Server
  • Reliable: Provide accurate, realtime information about the entire migration process
  • Flexible: Multiple migration modes and approaches are based on customer needs
  • Scalable: Projects and instances of all sizes will be migratable  

The Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant

The Cloud Migration Center gives customers the resources they need to learn more about Atlassian Cloud and whether it is right for their organization.

Introducing…the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant – a new app that makes migration smoother by eliminating the need to import and export Confluence spaces individually. In the app, one or more migration plans can be created. In each, multiple spaces can migrate to Cloud with realtime progress. 

For more information on Cloud Migration, visit this page, or see our Cloud Migration webinar.

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