What We Do



Have it right from the beginning. 

Optimize your applications from the onset. Different teams have different requirements, whether they be in logistics or in environment. We make sure your software is installed in a way that would benefit you the most. 

Data Migration

Kokua means support. And our support means nothing gets left behind or forgotten.

Data migration isn’t easy. That’s why we provide a step-by-step process to help you through it. We take a look at your existing tools. If they’re already capable of exporting your data, then nothing more on this front is needed. If not, we can create a custom utility for you.

Depending on your needs, we’ll either build a system to facilitate your migration, or get right to the extraction. In order to make the big event run as smoothly as possible, we will also conduct a test run. This ensures we can anticipate risks for the actual migration process. 



Integrations with us accelerate workflow and enhance your software functionality. We deliver the expertise to connect Atlassian tools, add-ons, and legacy software tightly together to optimize your processes. 


Your system constantly changes, and it’s important to keep those changes under control. We’re always available to reconfigure your management software so that you can keep an optimized work environment. During our configuration, you will have access to the test environment so you can see the changes as they are made. If we’ve made a configuration you don’t like, we will reapply it based on your feedback. 



We can help you minimize your costs by consolidating your applications. We can take a look at your software and hardware expenditures, and eliminate superfluous licenses. Streamline your processes by operating on a leaner suite of tools.