Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration: 3 Migration Approaches

Cloud Migration: 3 Migration Approaches

Cloud migration can be tricky – after all, there is no magic button to click for instant migration. However, making a detailed plan can help to make the cloud migration process smoother. Having a strategy for your migration is a key step in the cloud migration journey. Here are three approaches to cloud migration.

1. Lift and Shift

With this approach, you would move everything from your current instance to your future cloud instance. At first, this sounds like the ideal approach. After all, you keep all your data and projects. However, this approach comes with a lot of problems. There’s likely unused projects, workflows and issues that you should clean up before you migrate. Furthermore, if you’re migrating from Server to Cloud, not all data matches up one-to-one so some of your data may be lost despite your approach. Lastly, some apps are not available in cloud or its function is replicated out of box in cloud so you may not be getting the best value using Lift and Shift.

2. Start Fresh

What if you only have a few projects you want to migrate, or you don’t want to migrate any of your old projects at all? The Start Fresh approach is signing up for a free trial license of your chosen Atlassian Cloud product and getting to work in cloud immediately. This can be a good approach when testing out how your team works in cloud.

3. Optimize and Shift

This is the recommended approach for teams who want to improve on past processes and clean out the clutter. This strategy requires a lot of planning but your hard work will pay off. Assessing what should and can be migrated means leaving your inefficiencies behind and enjoying the new capabilities of cloud. Plus, your migration will be faster and smoother with less data to migrate.


Want to learn more about cloud migration? Check out this Atlassian blog on migration strategy and our Jira Cloud Migration webinar. As an Atlassian Solution Partner, we’re also happy to help! DragonAgile has the experience and knowledge to help with your cloud migration, no matter what approach you’d like to take. Contact us for a quick consultation about what kind of cloud migration is best for you.

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