No two companies are exactly alike. Atlassian tools give you a lot of flexibility, but sometimes just a bit more is needed. We can create add-ons, connectors, or other tools designed specifically to fit your business needs.

Designing Workflows

For your dev, ops, and testing teams, we can decrease the amount of manual work and documentation. 

For everyone else, we can help your teams automate exisiting business processes. We offer an easy and accessible process for your HR, Sales, and R&D teams who might not be as knowledgeable in technology. You will be amazed at how much productivity can increase.

Customizing Fields

Custom fields are optional fields by default. Therefore, they don’t have to be present, but they’re oftentimes useful for specific projects. 

But what is the right custom field to add? How many should you make to both adequately categorize everything but also not overwhelm? The options are endless, and that… can be intimidating.

We can help you create the best custom fields, or give you consultation on how best to choose them in the future.


Creating Agile Boards

There are two primary boards in Jira – Kanban or Scrum. Both boards have different purposes, and each board can be customized for specific purposes or member count or a time frame. 

If you’re not sure what kind of board would help your team or project the most, we can help you with their creation.

Plugin Design

In our years, we’ve encountered three main concerns with designing a plugin yourself. 

The first is that you may not know how – which is common for non technical teams. 

The second category is for those who can code, or who hires an outside party to code for them, but the developer does not know the Atlassian products well enough to create a code that integrates well. This of course causes your system to slow and maybe even crash. 

The third category is simply for those who are perfectly capable of designing a wonderfully integrated plugin, but do not have the time.

If you need a plugin for a specific purpose, you can request one from us. Our team of Atlassian certified professionals have the time and experience to create a great plugin for you.