New and Advanced Features of Jira Service Management

March 9, 2021 at 10:00 AM EST

In this Webinar, we discussed new and advanced features of the newly branded Jira Service Management which included incident management, advanced automation, asset management, and cloud migration options. Check out the recording for this webinar below.

DragonAgile - Jira Consultants

A User-Friendly Approach to Customer Support with Jira Service Desk

March 26, 2019 at 11:00 AM EST

Learn how to transform your customer support portal with Jira Service Desk! In this webinar, Irene He, Atlassian Certified Master, will share her approach to Jira Service Desk customization. Our guest speaker Matt Campbell is IT Manager, Commercial Business Systems at ATS Automation. Matt will share what tools help him make decisions about support as a manager.


A Practical Approach to Jira Cloud Migration and Consolidation

Dec 5, 2019 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

  • How to prepare and plan for migration
  • Stories from people with first-hand experience
  • Approaches, options and tools for migration

Atlassian Summit Highlights and Jira Service Desk Extensions

Join us for lunch and learn session with two guest speakers, James Seddon and Krzysztof Skoropada. Hear about James’ firsthand experience at Atlassian’s 2019 Summit and learn how you can enhance Jira Service Desk to your needs using apps from Deviniti presented by Krzysztof.


Atlassian Data Center – better performance for consolidated Atlassian environment tickets

Are you one of the many struggling to maintain your Jira system. Is one instance just not cutting it? Do you have too many instances not in sync?  If so, come join us on March 26 to learn about setting up Jira Data Center. We will discuss what Data Center will provide and how to get started with it easily.


Atlassian SSO Integration and Security – Aug 21st

Third time’s the charm and this will be our last AUG event. Get ready for a fun dive into making sure your Atlassian apps are as secure as possible! Check it out at aug.atlassian.com/waterloo!


Increase Your IT Service Efficiency - Workshop

Thanks everyone for a fantastic event last night, and especially to Pawel Rozek for his fantastic presentation on what a bit of creativity can do for your team. I know, I know, it was about Jira & Jenkins integration, and that part was great, but my take away was to never be afraid to try something new, because you can discover something new. I hope everyone learned something new about IT Service Management!

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Learn how applying lean and agile principles to IT Service Management can help IT teams gain efficiencies, stay nimble and focus on services that deliver business value. That’s right. It’s time to explore Jira Service Desk.

This event has ended

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AUG Waterloo: Deep Dive into Confluence


Thanks everyone for a great Atlassian User Group meeting last night! It was great seeing everyone engage and share tips about Jira. That’s what AUG is about. We want to give a special thanks to Miovision, who led the discussion and shared some great insights about agile for Marketing and HR.


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Join us for another casual meet and greet for Atlassian User Group Waterloo – this time starring Confluence and its dreamy features. We’ll deep dive into Confluence with four demos and live interpretations. We’ll also have a local member who’ll share a story about how Atlassian tools are used in real life. 

This event has ended



Scaling Agile with Atlassian Tools

Thanks to everyone for a great Agile at Scale event! We had an awesome time exploring Agile at Scale and Portfolio for Jira, and we hope you did too. If you missed out, feel free to contact us for help for scaling your agile.


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As agile adoption grows, organizations need visibility across multiple software teams and projects to effectively scale. Scaling can often lead to a breakdown in communication and visibility, and present other unique challenges. But can agile work across a large portfolio of many teams and lots of projects? Absolutely.   

Join us at our event where we will address these challenges then offer solutions, with a deep-dive into best practices and Atlassian’s solutions. 

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Atlassian User Group Waterloo


Thanks to everyone for a great first AUG Waterloo!

We, DragonAgile, are proud to have hosted KW’s first ever Atlassian User Group meeting. Tuesday February 27th was a night of greetings both new and old, a night of pizza and game prizes, and a night of learning. The presentation on automating the DevOps workflow raised many questions, and it’s my hope that future Atlassian User Group meetings will have our members work together to answer all of them. If you missed this event, don’t worry, there will be more events from us in the future! 



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Automated DevOps Workflow Seminar

Waterloo is kicking off and with a solid agenda. Don’t miss out as we discuss how Development and IT Ops teams look to be more efficient, decreasing their time to market and increasing product support. DevOps has become the predominant industry solution. There are many resources that paint a picture of Development and Operations working in perfect harmony, but how do we actually get there?

Irene and Tristan will show you how Jira, Bitbucket, Bamboo and qTest can be integrated together to create an end to end DevOps process. Followed by a live demo.

There will be free swag, pizza and soft drinks!

This event has ended.


DevOps Agile Tools Seminar

We are frequently running DevOps, Agile tools free seminars. Stay tuned, our free Jira training session is coming soon. Below are currently available events.


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DevOps steps and tools free in person seminar

While Agile & Git are necessary for DevOps, there’s a lot more that enterprise teams can do to become more collaborative, efficient and innovative. 

Join us at our event for a deep dive on DevOps – the Atlassian way. 

Event Agenda:

  • State of software and its challenges
  • Steps to DevOps
  • Atlassian tools for DevOps
  • An enterprise’s journey to DevOps 

This event has ended.